Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet Baby James--I'm Saved!

My walk home at night from the train station (and usually the walk to it in the evening because I miss the last bus at 8:15) is the cause for a lot of my complaints. It's a mile, uphill, in the dark, alone--I have yet to make the walk without taking my shoes off (stupid Jack Rogers). Althought Switzerland is or has proven to be, pretty darn safe, I still loathe the walk. I shuddered to think of how I would manage the walk in the winter. Usually in my time uphill I think of the things that my friends would do in that situation: M.P. is so organized she would have used the iPhone to call a taxi to have picked her up at the station hours before she left, A.F. would have just stayed out all night partying, L.C.H. would have found a pizza delivery man to drive her home, L.H. would have called her parents--probably dad--to come pick her up from the train station, C.K. would have asked anyone getting into a car for a ride--no matter how sketchy they looked, and of course, M.B.P. & B.A. would have called me, no matter where I was or what time it was, to ask me how to get home.

But not anymore! When I was taking the kids to the zoo Monday I realized that there is a bus station a little further from (300 meters) from my regular one that goes directly to and from Z├╝rich until later in the evening. So last night, instead of my bitter uphill walk I had a lovely stroll home and I even left the Jack Rogers on.

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