Friday, July 10, 2009

"She won't be able to understand you." "Why?" "Because your French is so bad."

(These words were said to me by Stephanie about her friend Zoey who was coming over for a play-date. Zoey only knows German & French [only haha] but Stephanie didn't think my French was on their level...)

Well Monday morning started my new work schedule, I got up, made snacks for the kids to take to camp helped get them dressed, fed, and out the door to camp. I made it there without hitting anyone--my 6th day in a row of staying alive while driving!--and dropped them off for their camps. I came home, organized, cleaned (I'm terrified to leave anything dirty--a fact that will surprise my parents and friends alike) and then helped make dinner and put them to bed. The same routine was on Tuesday but I went to register myself at the Geimindehaus (or something like that) which is every town in Switzerland's version of Big Brother. You register yourself, where you live, the names of your parents (thanks M&D) etc. Of course when I walked there it was raining and I was lost and I started to become irritated. I think picked up Stephanie from camp and we went swimming and then to her swim lesson, I came home and made dinner and the parents went out to dinner so I put them to bed. I hadn't really been out of the house for 2 days and all I seemed to be doing was working, or thinking that there was something I could/should be doing. I was lonely--seriously the only text messages I was getting were from the phone company saying that the time I accidentally dialed the number 7 it cost me .18 cents. It is hard to go from near constant communication (I'm sure those that know me know that I am never without my phone and I am constantly text messaging at least 3 different people simultaneously.) Thank goodness for Skype, GChat, and the willingness of my wonderful friends and wonderful mother to listen to my complaints. The next morning was supposed to be the English speaking au pair meeting but I wasn't going to be able to go because I had to wait for a bed to be delivered... I was definitely not happy.

Wednesday morning started with the sound of the doorbell--the bed was delivered BEFORE camp meaning that I could go to my meeting! The day started out a little better, the weather seemed to be on my side; it only started raining right when I got onto my train or bus. I made it to the meeting, I found a couple girls in the corner or this cafe and I knew it was the meeting. Not because they were speaking in English but because the were swearing in English. People who have or do work with children seem to adopt a foul mouth the instant the children are not in our precense. So more people came and everyone was so welcoming--perhaps they realized that we are all in the same boat! It was nice to be with people my own age again. And while I was waiting for my tram I realized I was across the street from the Longchamp store! What luck! Me, who cannot order a tea at a café managed to put 3 things on hold at Longchamp... (Some people have buyer's remorse, I have "I'm sad so I need to buy something.") Wednesday afternoon I picked up Stephanie and her friend Zoey (the one who couldn't understand me) came over, so I didn't have to entertain in the afternoon. I think Anna realized that I was feeling a bit suffocated because she told me that if I had any plans for the evening that I should go out. I didn't have any plans but I was definitely going out! I went to downtown Zürich and was looking for a place to get a drink when I realized this is Europe. I can walk down the street with a beer! So I explored the city with my large can of beer--I'm a classy American I know. I came home and decided to try and find a shorter route home--no luck. I ended up walking a half hour out of my way so I was a little peeved. When I got home Will had left me a note to come see him... I though SHIT! I'm in trouble already, but he just wanted to let me know that the son was in the ER (he had this crazy jelly fish sting from vacationing the week before--turns out it was a Portugese Man of War and it's pretty nasty) and would be home with me in the morning. It seemed my bad luck had returned...

Thursday was much better than I anticipated though. The boy wasn't so naughty as when his sister is around and their mom came home right after camp and said I had the afternoon to myself. I met a friend (for the first time) in Zürich and he showed me around, he's lived in Zürich for 6 months and has been playing American Football here--who knew there was a team?! We walked to the top of this church (which I swear was more than 150 steps--dad you would have been proud) and had some great views of the city. I came home after that and their grandmother had arrived (Will's mother, who lives in Canada but is British--can anyone keep this straight?) and so we had a lovely dinner (Rosé Veuve Cliquot! No more "Blush" Franzia for me). I got to go out again and I went out with my Minnesota friend and we met up with a few of the football players--definitely and interesting evening! (Allison--sorry didn't think of a clever name for you--I don't even know how to do all those stories justice! Don't worry mom it's nothing bad). We made it onto the last train home and I finally found the fastest (re: 35 minutes) and least creepy looking walk home. The best part of Thursday? I got like 10 text messages... I guess old habits die hard.

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