Friday, July 24, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

I think I knew it all along, but last summer is when it really hit me: my mother is infinitely cooler than me. Now for those of you that know my mother, and I'm pretty certain that everyone who reads this either is my mom or friends with my mother, would agree my mom is awesome. (Not to disrespect or disregard my dad--no one has worked harder to get what they want and deserve, and is still able to have some incredible and incredibly funny stories from it--but this is about a mother/daughter resemblance.) My mother has done a lot, managed to have two great kids (especially that youngest daughter), and is a great person--sometimes it's hard to see a family resemblance.

People would always look at my family pictures and remark how we look nothing alike but then this May at my college graduation party people began to see where we were similar: on the dance floor.
Please note the right foot placement--years of dance practice to perfect the "foot stomp"

The other day I had another mother/daughter experience. I was taking Stephanie, Mark and Mark's best friend Jason to go bowling, Will had typed the address into the GPS (which, by the way, I hate--except for the Garmin that got us from Columbus to Hilton Head) and I was following the directions--the GPS however, didn't realize that the entrance onto the freeway we needed was closed for repair, so it showed me another way to go. Stupidly following the GPS and the advice of two 8 year old boys I went up a one-way street. I was thinking, man this is weird this one-way is so narrow, and that it leads to the wrong way on the highway, when suddenly a car exited off the highway and started coming toward us. I was driving up the wrong way on a highway exit and had to reverse the whole way down--it definitely seems like something my mother would do. Just ask her why she knows what "strada chiuso" means.

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