Monday, July 20, 2009

I"ve Created a Monster

It only took me two weeks to make a huge mistake that might cost me this job. I have introduced the kids to High School Musical. We were driving home from miniature golf last week and I needed a change from the Michael Jackson and Queen that they were requesting and to put it lightly, it was a hit. Stephanie is currently, or should I say was, obsessed with the movie and sountrack Mama Mia! and wants/wanted to hear ABBA all the time, so I thought another musical might interest her. I should have remember however, that she is obsessed with the idea of teenagers and cannot wait to be a teenager, so teenagers that sing and dance are right up her ally! Anyway after listening to the songs, they then wanted to watch the movie, and then wanted to watch the second and learn all the songs from that, now they're dying to see the third--it's become a lot like "If you give a Mouse a Cookie..." Even Mark really likes it (because the boys play basketball) and both are constantly asking me questions about why each character did something. I have created a European High School Musical monster. Today we went to the zoo (they asked me to sing the soundtrack on the bus--I didn't think the Swiss riders would appreciate that) and tomorrow we're going Alpine sledding (I'll try not to skin my arms and legs, Jack! ) so I have a ride to and from the mountains that will be filled with High School Musical--I never thought I'd miss ABBA.

The end of last week was pretty busy. I began to, as my parents call it, "burn the candle at both ends," staying out too late with friends and working all the next day. But if college taught me anything it taught me how to stay up all night finishing a paper, stay up all day and be able to go out the next night! I went out Friday evening as well, forced myself out of bed bright and early (9 am) on Saturday and onto a train bound for Interlaken. I met my football playing friend and two of his friends from home who were visiting in what is supposed to be a beautiful town. Instead the Interlaken I arrived at was rainy, cloudy and pretty bleak. The boys had got a hotel room (something about all the hostels being booked, but I really think it was because they thought the concierge was pretty) so since it was pouring we had nothing better to do than start drinking. After a couple bottles of wine we ventured outside to another restaurant/bar to get a couple beers. The rain finally cleared up and we walked around a bit (with a beer, gotta love the lack of open container rules in Europe!) and saw what an incredibly beautiful town Interlaken really is. We went out to dinner at a very authentic Swiss restaurant and made a stop on the way home at a very in-authentic Best Western Bar (where we joined a conga line waving the Ameican flag...) We went out to a club (the concierge told them it was the best, so of course we had to go in case she might be there) and had a fun night. The next morning we got up and decided since we didn't do anything out of doors yesterday we had to make up for it (I wanted to go skydiving but it's a tad pricey) and zorbing (rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball--seriously) was definitely not going to happen. We decided to take the train to the top of Jungfrau which is called "The Top of Europe." This mountain which is 3454 meters (going metric!) was incredible. It took us a while to get up there but it was well worth the wait (and price tag). I, of course, didn't bring my camera but the boys did so hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures from them soon. But here are a couple from the website don't think any pictures could really do this place justice though. It was unreal. The top of the mountain stuck out above the clouds but on our descent the clouds enveloped the Alps again and it almost seemed like that Jungfrau didn't exist--it's hard to believe that a place so beautiful can exist.
On Our Way Up!
Not such a bad view from the top of Jungfrau
Sorry I don't know how to rotate pictures--but we're at the top

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