Friday, July 3, 2009

I Swear This Never Happens to Me...

So my travels to Zürich were a little rougher than anticipated all because of my stupid luggage.

So I get to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, check-in for my flights and then weigh my luggage... First suitcase 74 pounds, the second was 68. So I sat on the floor in front of the ticket counter ripping clothes, toiletries, and more clothes out of my suitcases to get them down to exactly 50 pounds. (Thank goodness for the Space Bags because I could just take out a 20 pound bag of shriveled clothes!)I'm convinced that the Delta scales are off though because I have never had such empty 50 pound bags. Once I had taken out things I really needed (like my nail polish remover--thanks dad) I started to say goodbye to my mom, dad, and cell phone service. I got really sad, and as my friend H. would say, "really drippy." But I made it onto my Atlanta-bound flight and this is when the real luggage trouble started. I was desperately trying to lift my carry-on (no not the Vera Bradley this time!) bag, when a nice girl from row 42 helped me lift it up and try to shove it into the overhead compartment, but it didn't fit. So then, at her suggestion, I decided to take stuff out of the front pockets to try and make it smaller, but that is where, in a night before "what if they lose my luggage panic," I stuffed all my underwear. So with my underwear sitting on my seat the girl and I attempted to shove my bag back up, it again did not work AND this time I broke off a piece of the wood on the overhead compartment--I could hear my dad saying "Griswald!" in my head. A flight attendant finally had to take it to a closet in the front (and no, she said I didn't need to put my underwear back in). 

On my next flight from Atlanta to Zürich, however, the bag fit overhead (with all my undergarments safely zipped inside). 

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