Friday, July 24, 2009


I also realized that I am now starting to imitate my mother. She calls our yellow labrador B.J. a "monkey doodle," or a "goodle doobie," which I now call the children. Mark really likes to be called Doobie now, but I haven't told them that's what my mom calls our dog!

Also don't think I've forgotten about my dad--one of Mark's best friends came over the other day and when I was talking to his mom I could detect a New Jersey accent. (My uncles are fluent in "New Jersey," and my dad is a great translator). I asked her where she was from, saying that my dad is from Pennsauken, she is from Morrisville which is two towns over. It seems the further away I go, the smaller the world becomes.

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  1. Your uncles do not have accents, the rest of the non New Jersey relatives have the accents!!