Friday, July 10, 2009


And one more thing:

I was complaining on Tuesday to my mother & friends (thanks again for listening) about having to go away this weekend. People were inviting me to do things and I didn't want to miss out... I was complaining because this weekend we are heading to Anna's paternal grandmother's country house on the border of France and Switzerland. Oh and if that's not cool enough the house was occupied during World War II by Nazi soldiers because its 300 meters from the Swiss border and they wanted to spy.

I'm sorry what was I complaining about?

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  1. I guess I didn't mention that sometimes life abroad can be incredibly lonely. But then again, I never thought about that because being lonely doesn't really get to me all that much. Having a computer definitely helps. The first few weeks are the hardest because you have to get to meet new people... But Jill, that is your specialty. You are a people person. Just hang in there. A lot of new things are going on and it is an adventure every time you wake up in the morning. Think about how much fun you will be having and how everyone back home isn't doing what you are doing. It could be worse.

    The house you stay in is gorgeous and amazing. Everyone seems really nice. Just hang in there. We are all really proud.