Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Week Left

I can't believe I leave in a week. 

I [finally] have my visa and am starting to pack (typically I take out all of the clothes from my closet, dump them on the floor, and then try to stuff as many as them into a suitcase until it barely zips). This time I'm trying to use Space Bags so now that I've thrown all my clothes on the floor I am now stuffing them into bags which I will later suck the excess air and and then try to stuff into my suitcases. I don't know if they are even going to make that much more space, all they seem to do is wrinkle my clothes so far.

I have been thinking about this move for so long but now that I'm into the final days in America I'm definitely getting nervous. Of course I am excited to be back in Europe in a new city (not to mention avoiding a "real job" for another year) but I cannot imagine a year without my friends from school and home. I know its easy to stay in contact these days but it will be a little harder with a 6-9 hour time difference.

Back to packing... 

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